Hello! My name is Marjolein, and I am the creative force behind Studio Bruijnvis. My company name is a combination of my last name and my love for the ocean and its special creatures.

As a graduate of the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, I learned to appreciate the art of design and decided to increase my skills by studying goldsmithing at the Vakschool Edelsmeden in Amsterdam. I then worked at various jewelery brands and eventually found inspiration and passion to start Studio Bruijnvis, which made my dream come true.

I work with great passion on unique pieces that are all made by hand with great care. Many of my designs are unique and therefore one-of-a-kind! I like to use gemstones, pearls and other natural elements in my designs. They add a touch of magic and elegance that cannot be replicated with man-made materials. I combine this with a lot of joy and energy. I think jewelry should make you happy and put a smile on your face, and I try to reflect that in my designs. Whether it's a beautiful necklace or a playful pair of earrings, my jewelry is all about celebrating life and the beauty it has to offer.

You can also contact me for personally made jewelry. For example, do you have old gold that you want to have made into something new or do you just have a special wish, please send an email to marjolein@studiobruijnvis.nl